What makes our paper special

We get asked a lot about our hand-coated papers that are unique to Giclée printing.  We chose to use specialty, hand-coated papers to better reproduce fine art pieces, many times on the same media that the originals were created on, and to add a beautiful, tactile feel to each piece. The papers we commonly work with are Arches, BFK Rives, Stonehenge, Crescent Illustration Board, Fabriano, and many more. Because of our paper coating and printing process, Two Crows stands out among other Giclée printing studios.

Also in this section

We will go over papers best used for digital printed business cards, invites & letterpress business cards and invites.  We offer a wide range of papers for this type of printing, from Mr French Paper, Neenah Paper, Crane Lettra, Mohawk, etc.

Arches Coldpress Watercolor Paper

140lb / 300gsm weight

Here is our hand-coated Arches coldpress watercolor paper.  This has been a go-to paper for watercolor paintings.  This is the same Arches coldpress watercolor paper you will pick up from any art supply store.  In other words, the same stock of paper you painted your original on, you can then have us reproduce prints with.  It has a pronounced texture that shows through with every print. If you’re questioning which paper to go with when reproducing your watercolor piece, look no further!  This is the highest quality watercolor paper you can have prints reproduced on.


BFK Rives Printmaking rag paper

100lb / 280gsm weight

100% cotton paper

This is one of our favorite papers. Our hand-coated BFK Rives printmaking rag paper is a versatile paper. Anything from oil, watercolor, acrylic, and digital work looks top notch printed on this paper. This cotton paper has a wow factor with the finished print. Very frequently we have had artists convinced that a print made on BFK Rives was the original when handed their prints. It’s not just the looks with this paper, it’s also the feel. The best way to describe it is as a brushed velvet. If you’re stuck on a paper you want to go with, we highly recommend BFK Rives. High-quality look, great tactile feel, and a final piece that looks so good it could be the original, you can’t beat it!

BFK Rives Cream Printmaking rag paper

100lb / 280gsm weight

100% cotton paper

All the same qualities of the BFK Rives printmaking rag paper, but in cream. We have had quite a few artists send originals that were painted on cream paper and wanted the print to reflect the original. We took it one step further, and instead of just printing the cream background on a white stock paper, we went with the BFK Rives cream printmaking rag paper.  If you painted your original on a off-white or cream stock, know we can reproduce that same quality your original holds.

100% Cotton Canvas

160lb / 433gsm weight

100% cotton

Our 100% cotton canvas is a great choice for stretched canvas reproductions or printed sheets.  A lot of printing companies are going with a poly canvas mix when printing canvas.  We wanted to keep to the quality that you get when you pick up canvas from an art supply shop, and have that look and feel of quality cotton canvas.  This canvas media is a versatile substrate, accommodating to oil, acrylic, and digital.  The texture gives a unique look to the printed piece.

Stonehenge Printmaking rag paper

100lb / 280gsm weight

100% cotton paper

Our hand-coated Stonehenge printmaking rag paper is a versatile paper. Stonehenge Printmaking prints are great for when you’re on a budget but still want the quality of a cotton rag paper.  The paper is a slight off white, with a very light texture.  This cotton rag paper works great with watercolor, acrylic, and oil originals.  The paper itself has a Bristol vellum feel with a slight texture.

Crescent Illustration Board

14ply / 16ply

100% rag

You read that right!  Here at Two Crows Printing we can print directly to Cresecent Illustration Board.  Making reproductions of your original on this substrate really makes the print unique and sets it apart from other Fine Art Giclée Prints.  We can print on 14ply (1.3 mm) and 16ply (1.4 mm) thickness.  Everything from watercolor, acryclic, oil, digital, and more reproduces nicely on Illustration Board.

Legion Coventry Printmaking Rag Paper

140lb / 290gsm weight

100% cotton paper

Legion Coventry Printmaking Rag paper is a unique paper with a cotton rag feel but the solid weight of a 140lb watercolor paper.  The paper is a slight off white, with a very medium texture.  This cotton rag paper works great with watercolor, acrylic, and oil originals.  This museum cotton rag paper is a great option if you’re on a budget and still want a quality paper to have your originals reproduced on.

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