Red Eye Orb Pin


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Red Eye Orb Pin

Chosen Undead, look no further, the primordial serpent Kaathe has giving us these Red Eye Orb pins to offer to you for listed amount of souls.  Invade, seek out other hollows and take their humanity for yourself.  So become the Dark Lord of Men and usher in the Age of Dark with this pins.

The Red Eye Orb & Warrior of Sunlight pin bundle comes with the Red Eye Orb Sticker and Warrior of Sunlight Gold Decal.

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Black Backer Card Die Cut and Letterpress Printed with Gold Metallic Ink.

Pin Design by : 8bitdeathgrip

Backer card designed by : 8bitpill

Size: 1.25″

Soft enamel lapel pin.


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Red Eye Orb Pin

Red Eye Orb Pin, Red Eye Orb & Warrior of Sunlight Pin Bundle

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