Die Cut Stickers Reflective Gold & Silver




Product Details
  • Printed and Die Cut in-house
  • Laminated with a 2mil Gloss Lamination
  • Weather and Waterproof for a 5 plus year outdoor application
  • 2.7 Polyester Film
  • Full thickness of stickers is 4.7mil
File Requirements
  • 300dpi .psd .ai .tiff .jpeg
  • RGB or CMYK
  • All artwork must have a .13″ to .25 border away from the cut area
  • If your custom shaped die cut sticker has a bleed please add a .25″ bleed from the cut line
  • Don’t know how to set up with artwork, no problem, we will do that for you!

With a die cut sticker you can achieve any shape that fits your unique design.  This is a great way to stick out among other custom stickers!  Going with a die cut reflective gold or silver sticker , you will get a polyester sticker that is contour cut to your design.  Before we started to offer die cut reflective gold or silver stickers we made sure that we’re offering the best quality you could get from a sticker like this.  That said, we tested these stickers in all weather types.  Our artist come to us for the highest quality print products and we wanted to make sure we were offering that in our die cut stickers as well.  Two Crows Printing reflective gold or silver stickers are weather and waterproof that can withstand outdoor conditions 4/5 years.

The best outcome for a finished die cut reflective gold or silver metallic sticker is to have a black & white image, graphic, etc.  This allows any area that is white in your design to shine through with a gold or silver metallic finish.  The black printed will completely block out the gold and silver.

All design must fit within a desired size.  Since the shape will be unique to your design there are no templates required.  There are various ways to set your template up.  We usually can handle it with out a problem but if you would like to set it up yourself just let us know.  If you have a custom size that isn’t listed please contact us here, we can accommodate any size you need.

Turnaround time: 7-14 Business Days

Before you check out you will first have to upload your design.  Preferred file formats are, .psd .tiff .ai files  When checking out, please add your file name and any details about your sticker design in the notes section.

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Die Cut Stickers Reflective Gold & Silver

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