UPDATE 1-17-2018

This service is no longer offered in Philadelphia.  Two Crows still offers this at our print shop located in Bar Harbor, ME, but our Philadelphia location is no more.  Any questions about large format scanning and how you can have your art work professionally scanned, please contact us.

A few months ago we started offering Large Format Scanning out of Philadelphia, where we started our printing company back in 2009.  When we moved to Bar Harbor in 2013 we noticed quiet a few artist that lived in Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area didn’t want to ship their originals out to be scanned, due to possible postal mishandling and or damage to their original while in transit.  Since these artist wanted to still work with us and were coming up with no leads for a professional scanning service in the Philadelphia area we figured it would be a good idea to offer this.

We set up with a long time friend that is a graphic designer to start working with local artist to scan in their work with a professional large format art scanner.  If you’re an artist in the Philadelphia area that doesn’t want to ship your original out but still wanted to send us a high quality scan of your original that we will then color correct, this is the way you can now do that!  Just contact us here info@twocrowsprinting.com and we can set you up with have your work scanned and and sent to us.

As always, we offer this same service in house with our large format scanner.  If you’re an artist in the Down East part of Maine, you can have your work professional scanned here!

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