Crystal Lee Lucas prints!

Last year we printed quiet a few of Crystal’s photos.  Once Crystal sent her work in for us to print it we knew exactly what paper her photographs should be printed on.  When an artist comes to us asking for suggestions on a type of paper, we usually look at the work that is going to be printed first and go from there.  After that we ask the artist what they’re looking for in a paper (texture, rag, gloss, etc).  With Crystals work, I knew BFK Rives printmaking rag paper would be the best for the finished print.  BFK Rives is our go to paper.  It is our favorite here at Two Crows and almost any type of work (watercolor, acrylic, photos, color pencil, etc) looks great printed on it.  BFK Rives has a medium texture and the has a cloth like feel.  Below you will see the quality in the close up photos on Crystals prints.



We were very pleased to work with Crystal and print her work.  Want to see more of her work?  Go to Crystals Instagram @naudirr and start following her!

If you’re looking to have your photos printed on some unique papers send us an inquiry ( ) and we can get your print project started!

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